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Trying to get to Atlanta!

Quick personal query. I really want to go to Dragon*con. Things went as they do, and stuff… lost the chance to get into the proper hotels. Now a coworker I had a slight chance of rooming with is going with her husband, so that’s out too. It’s getting 11th hour, but I just got the booklet in the mail rubbing in just how much I want to go. So even costumeless, I’m not quite resigned to not going just yet.

Is anyone going or know anyone (relatively not scary…) looking for a roomie? The official-ish hunt seems to be mostly a facebook thing and I haven’t gotten facebook straightened out yet!

As you’ve learned, I make crafts, am a bit of a science fangirl, and admire folklore and fantasy writing and art. Geek-wise I’m an avid whovian/sherlockian with a bit of a browncoat leaning. Last year my favorite track at the con was Skeptrack. I’m quiet in person unless you ask about one of said topics, not much of a party girl (sometimes for lack of invites and sometimes from shyness), and a nonsmoker.

Let me know if you have any ideas, please!

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Steam and Tea

Steam Tea Travels invited me to Paris by airship. It made me realize that I don’t actually have much of my steampunk inspired work on here. I showed off a bit of a friend’s foray, but don’t think I’ve done much on it myself besides beg for costume help. Which, btw, I’d still be interested in though the pressing need is gone for the moment. So it seemed like time to correct the oversight. I’ll admit I’m more into the visuals of steampunk than the stories, I prefer Verne over Wells and don’t care for a lot of the modern ‘classic’ steampunk books. I am addicted to the charming and snarky Parasol Protectorate Series. I think I’d follow Gail Carriger into any genre! I’d also argue that Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy can be viewed as having some great steampunk elements.

For my crafting it’s almost a subset of my fossil addiction. It just slides so nicely from cabinet of curiosity type item to somewhat steamy… I also just love pairing such ancient objects with somewhat old by human standards objects. The juxtaposition of permanence and transience.


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