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Summer Reads!

Two books I’ve finished in the past week and wanted to make note of and recommend to anybody looking for thought provoking and enjoyable summer reads.

One is called Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail. It’s by Caitlin Kelly. She is a journalist who took a part time retail position after losing her job with The New York Daily News. She kept her retail position for over two years.

Malled is a book that should be required reading for everyone who has ever gone shopping!

It is a mix of personal experience and research, making it both an enjoyable memoir and an interesting profile of retail business. As a retail worker I liked it because of her enjoyable and fluent writing and because of her clear eyed look at that world. It is also one of the few business books I’ve run across that gives the workers a fair view. The only downside for me was that parts of it were a little too close to home, which made it a less than relaxing break time read.

The other is a book I’ve mentioned here before, Luminous, by Dawn Metcalf. It came out June 30th, so after hearing snippets for ages I was finally able to read it. It was gorgeous and more than a little surreal. Luminous is an excellent adjective as well as title for the look. Luminous is a young adult fantasy/adventure title. The main character is a young woman who finds that she can shed her skin and walk abroad in a world between life and death. It’s a visual read, very beautiful and richly descriptive. (I told a friend that it made me think of a Salvador Dali done in Maxfield Parrish’s palette.)

I thought this was cute, an interview with the main character on a young adult book review site.

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