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Make Your Own Snowflake

The snow’s slowly melting. I’m of two minds about missing the snow. I like dry roads thank you very much, but snow is certainly prettier scenery than dead grass…and ice makes branches sparkle like magical things.


So, in lieu of snow, here’s a project I found for making a crystal snowflake. Full disclosure, I haven’t tried this yet, I would like to.



Make Your Own Snowflake Project

(adapted from Kathleen M Reilly’s Explore Weather and Climate)



-pipe cleaners


-wide mouth glass jar

-borax from laundry detergent section of store (20 Mule Team Borax Laundry Booster)

-boiling water


-a child (if you feel like you need an excuse!)


1. Cut pipe cleaners into 3 equal pieces, twist them together and spread out end to form a snowflake shape. (Make sure it will fit in the jar!)

2. Cut a piece of string, tie one end to snowflake, the other to the pencil. The string needs to be long enough to hang from a pencil into the jar, but short enough not to touch the bottom. Put the snowflake skeleton aside.

3. Mix borax and boiling water in the jar, use 3 tablespoons of borax per cup of water. Stir well. (Don’t worry if a little is left un-dissolved.)

4. Hang snowflake skeleton in jar, suspended from the pencil and leave it overnight for the crystals to form.

There’s an alternate glowing (!) version on about.com.


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