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Yay Heat!

Snow Witch

Took a break cleaning up on the 30th to make a seasonal snowman.

The northeast got tricks rather than treats! The unseasonal nor’easter brought some unpleasantness. Since the leaves were still on the trees when the snow hit there was a lot of tree damage and power loss.

So public service message: if you lose power, don’t grill in the house or run a generator in the house or an attached garage. Seems obvious, but there have been some carbon monoxide issues around here with people doing just that. And obvious becomes less obvious when you’re cold!

We’re back up after a bit over a week without power. Made me glad I had extra quilts around! Apparently despite global warming the need for quilters is not yet extinct. (Not sure if this will inspire me to finish any more of my UFOs anytime soon…) Unfortunately no one can figure out how to take care of some of our tree damage so they threaded the wires through the broken branches. Uhm, yeah. So prepping and waiting to lose power again.


ANcient Spirals

My one project by candlelight this week.

I was going nuts from the lack of crafting almost as much as the always being cold part, so celebrated by making a tried and toasty treasury. (And will with a hot bath as soon as there’s enough water to do so. Until then, lots of laundry to catch up on.) Oh, and a delayed due to inclement weather collection for November’s lovely warm birthstones.

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Wouldn’t you like to see something strange

One last hurrah for fall: everyone go out and defy the encroaching Christmas season for one more day! Eat candy and apples, look out for monsters and magical creatures, coo over the cute kids with facepaint and ogle any awesome costumes or decorations that come your way.

It’s not yet Halloween but I’m drinking hot chocolate and watching it snow outside. As if Christmas trees in stores by the second week of October weren’t enough, now the weather is moving in early. The large fat flakes are lovely, but they feel wrong against still green oak trees and yellow sugar maples.

There’s something very Burton about it…

I’ve been making a lot of tree pendants recently. Mostly just playing around, still putting some of them up for donations to different international and ecological organizations.

The wire trees are fun to make, and I can stop and start with trees in a way I can’t with my other styles. It makes them comparatively relaxing. I was hoping to run a short class in making them for a local adult education program, maybe in the Spring.

If you’re feeling crafty and in the mood to start making holiday gifts, I’ve got a tutorial I made for the trees here. I also like this design because it’s easy to modify and personalize with favorite colors or birthstones.

A walk in the woods (not the Bryson book, though that is worth more than a look too!)

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Halloween is my favorite holiday. Candy, costumes, and creativity running amuck with bats, owls, ghosts and stories it’s a winning combination!

I never really get to celebrate it with as much drama as I’d like, but I love living in New England and getting to watch the remnants of fall leaves drift by the decorations that people make. It’s also fun to ogle the outfits and the treats.

I’m not much of a costumer, I’ve a few iffy renfaire type costumes under my belt and some somewhat better Harry Potter costumes. (I work in a bookstore, it’s an occupational hazard!) So I drool over other people’s costumes and channel my costuming urge into my dolls. Besides, face painting seems more worth the time when it’s permanent 😉Here’s one of my dolls. Obviously going Halloweeny black widow, though her mask is inspired by a broken venetian one I’ve been trying to repair. I’m pretty proud of her, even though it’s a fairly simple outfit. I really want to make a mask like that for myself someday if I can’t fix the broken one.

I lucked out in running across a really inspirational doll artisan through deviantart awhile back. For a miniature Halloween parade of charm and whimsy and art, go admire the Fairies’ Nest .

She’s a wonderful artist, and always seems to be so inspired by fall and Halloween. I adore everything about her dolls really, but what seems to stand out the most to me is how wonderful and open the faces are. And how stunning the details she works into the wings.

An All Hallow's Eve FaeOkay, and I love the way she displays her dolls. Their little accessories add so much personality. Take the details on Jinx’s grinning jack-o-lantern. And look at the book Clarissa and her daemon are posed against.

Her dolls are great examples of how projects don’t have to be dark or creepy to be perfect for Halloween. Sweetness works as well!

It’s not that she can’t do scary, some of her pieces are spooky, but ever her spooky is charming.

Since we’re likely to run across a surfeit of vampires this season, a poem from Charles Baudelaire seems an appropriate close for this time of year. (From a 1936 translation by George Dillon)

The Vampire

Thou who abruptly as a knife
Didst come into my heart; thou who,
A demon horde into my life,
Didst enter, wildly dancing, through

The doorways of my sense unlatched
To make my spirit thy domain —
Harlot to whom I am attached
As convicts to the ball and chain,

As gamblers to the wheel’s bright spell,
As drunkards to their raging thirst,
As corpses to their worms — accurst
Be thou! Oh, be thou damned to hell!

I have entreated the swift sword
To strike, that I at once be freed;
The poisoned phial I have implored
To plot with me a ruthless deed.

Alas! the phial and the blade
Do cry aloud and laugh at me:
“Thou art not worthy of our aid;
Thou art not worthy to be free.

“Though one of us should be the tool
To save thee from thy wretched fate,
Thy kisses would resuscitate
The body of thy vampire, fool!”


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