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Seasonal Complaints

A few haiku and tanka that I was working on while watching Monday’s snow and ice. I prefer cool weather, but even I’m tired of winter at this point!

Snowflakes plop, ice tings.
The disgruntled molting of
a sullen season.

snow falls like feathers
dances like cherry blossoms
and coldly mocks spring

Inky sky, bright moon,
the luminous fields of snow-
ice on black branches.
Light and dark hold winter fast,
spring brings shades and is welcome

rain taps in Morse code
trees shiver and robins fluff
green willow whispers
the crocus pokes through dead leaves,
saffron anthers sniff for spring

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It’s been a long winter; let’s start National Poetry Month with some seasonal haiku.

A Cold Spring

Banrai (pre-1800)


So chilly is the spring,

My little tea plants quite forget

They should be blossoming!

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a sea of my own?

riptide-salt stings eyes and tongue-

cloudy-which way is up?

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spring shakes tightly wrapped

blankets bulge, are cast aside

wings reach for the sun


What with Merian’s birthday yesterday and it being National Poetry Month…well, my haikus are rusty but had to give it a shot!

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Artisan Haiku

You guys all know I’m guilty of the occasional haiku.


Another wire worker on etsy found me, and I found out that they’d done a haiku that sums up wire wrapping brilliantly:


Tedious wirewrap
Painstakingly intense task
Lowers blood pressure

D. Kanester


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Apple Air

there ought to be a

word for air you can bite and

crunch like an apple


Had a lovely Farmers’ Market at the Nathan Hale House yesterday. Gorgeous weather, beautiful breeze. (Though it did knock one of my jewelry displays into my head!) Fresh air and no sunburn, I’m calling that a win!

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Is there a word for chronically staying up too late?

lids droop, lashes a

curtain on the setting moon

and luminous screen.

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magma bubbles rise,

welling in constricted veins

pressure and heat expand…

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Fast and Fuzzy

Lively, hooded eyes,

sharp noses and sharper claws

they’re up to no good!

Meerkats listening to the planes flying overhead.

Dun diggers posing-

tauntingly photogenic…

well, when they sit still!

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a humid haiku

brilliant sunny days

sultry nights alive with insects

can’t wait for autumn

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