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Costuming and Cons

I’ve been in sewing limbo for the past few weeks trying to work on a project. I’m going to Dragon*Con weekend after next and still haven’t finished a costume. It’s eaten up a good chunk of time, though I have slipped little projects in around the sides.

I did try out some of the upcycled tee projects. I made a shopping bag, which is holding up nicely. I can see where smaller shirts make the best bags, but there is something to be said with oversized tees making bags big enough to hold all your groceries in one go! (As long as you’re not stocking up on canned goods…) I also tweaked a few tees to improve the neckline, and love how those turned out.

I also made/tweaked a few costume accessories, they most faster and involve slightly less frustration and swearing. The leather belt pouch I made from the center of an old renfair bodice, and the fan is swatches of chewed up fabric from salvaging for my vest (aka the project from hell…).

If anyone’s been to Dragon*Con before, I’d love tips. It’s my first time and looks a bit overwhelming.

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