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If you’re in the northeastern US you can now find some of my fossil wire work jewelry in the gift shop at the Connecticut Dinosaur State Park.

It’s a small place, but a great visit on a nice day. The centerpiece of it is a fossilized track made by carnivorous dinosaurs in the early Jurassic. (Think something like Dilophosaurus from the movie Jurassic Park.) It also has some displays for children explaining how fossilization occurs (and why a good area for fossilizing tracks is a poor one for fossilizing bones), and interactive exhibits on local geography with specimens children can handle.

They also have some very pretty short walking trails, with periodic signs explaining the geological history of the area and talking about the local species and their natural history. My favorite is that they have an arboretum with unusual species, and some interesting conifers. With labels! It really bugs me when botanical gardens don’t actually identify the species, so it’s a touch I appreciate when I find it.

Besides, the people there have a good/offbeat sense of humor. They had a sign “It’s a gneiss day, don’t take it for granite!” So following that wisdom my friend and I went for a short hike to take advantage of a nice sunny day.

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