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Upcycled Tees

I don’t know how I managed to own so many T-shirts. I wore them all through high school, but have hated the neckline for ages. Therefore I’ve a fair number of no longer worn shirts. Some are in perfect shape, some have been worn during painting or woodworking experiments. I tried to be brave and give away a lot of the ones in good shape, but some I just liked too much. The paint spattered ones would count as rags to anyone but me.

This was another of those times where the internet can really be useful. I found what felt like 1001 options for making fancier outfits, underclothes, bathingsuits (!) and children’s clothing out of T-shirts… Oh, and one for a cute cool weather scarf.

Some projects were a little simpler. I thought turning old T-shirts into shopping bags was a great idea, and it’s especially appropriate given that a lot of my beloved paint stained T-shirts were environmental themed shirts in the first place. I also love the fact that this means they’re completely washable, unlike a lot of the bags markets sell as reusable bags.

I also found a fantastic tutorial on changing the neckline of a T-shirt, which might help me remodel some of the shirts I would love to still be able to wear. (Like my history geek shirts and the rock geek shirts I want to be able to buy!)


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