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Wouldn’t you like to see something strange

One last hurrah for fall: everyone go out and defy the encroaching Christmas season for one more day! Eat candy and apples, look out for monsters and magical creatures, coo over the cute kids with facepaint and ogle any awesome costumes or decorations that come your way.

It’s not yet Halloween but I’m drinking hot chocolate and watching it snow outside. As if Christmas trees in stores by the second week of October weren’t enough, now the weather is moving in early. The large fat flakes are lovely, but they feel wrong against still green oak trees and yellow sugar maples.

There’s something very Burton about it…

I’ve been making a lot of tree pendants recently. Mostly just playing around, still putting some of them up for donations to different international and ecological organizations.

The wire trees are fun to make, and I can stop and start with trees in a way I can’t with my other styles. It makes them comparatively relaxing. I was hoping to run a short class in making them for a local adult education program, maybe in the Spring.

If you’re feeling crafty and in the mood to start making holiday gifts, I’ve got a tutorial I made for the trees here. I also like this design because it’s easy to modify and personalize with favorite colors or birthstones.

A walk in the woods (not the Bryson book, though that is worth more than a look too!)

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‘Tis the Season

 Made this in a monotype class last spring. A number of the leaves were from a bleeding heart, so I brought in the colors from the base plant. (Ferns, a japanese maple, and violet leaves sneaked in there too.) Didn’t turn out quite how I planned. Much more seasonal now than they were in the spring!

 A few favorites:

A while back the Guardian had an article with various authors telling tales of old Christmases. I loved the writing styles, and saved the link to savor over time. (And to be able to further investigate the authors I was unfamiliar with…) It’s always nice to get a sampling of multiple authors in a single piece. They all share a theme of the holidays, and are all a bit dark and quite funny. Enjoy!

Speaking of dark and funny, a snippet of the best adaptation of A Christmas Carol. The Muppet’s version, of course! Though of course, if you take your seasonal guilty pleasures with a quirkier twist, there’s always the Doctor Who episode with Dickens

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