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‘Tis the Season

 Made this in a monotype class last spring. A number of the leaves were from a bleeding heart, so I brought in the colors from the base plant. (Ferns, a japanese maple, and violet leaves sneaked in there too.) Didn’t turn out quite how I planned. Much more seasonal now than they were in the spring!

 A few favorites:

A while back the Guardian had an article with various authors telling tales of old Christmases. I loved the writing styles, and saved the link to savor over time. (And to be able to further investigate the authors I was unfamiliar with…) It’s always nice to get a sampling of multiple authors in a single piece. They all share a theme of the holidays, and are all a bit dark and quite funny. Enjoy!

Speaking of dark and funny, a snippet of the best adaptation of A Christmas Carol. The Muppet’s version, of course! Though of course, if you take your seasonal guilty pleasures with a quirkier twist, there’s always the Doctor Who episode with Dickens

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