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Happy Darwin and Lincoln Day!

lincoln memorialSince it’s heading toward the end of Darwin and Lincoln’s birthdays in my time zone I’m just linking to an interesting article in Smithsonian “How Lincoln and Darwin Shaped the Modern World” about the two men who shared a birthday and never met, but both impacted the way the world thought, and thinks. Continue reading

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The Greatest Show on Earth

A quick Happy Darwin Day! (Charles Darwin was born on this day in 1809, same day as Abraham Lincoln, two greats and one date to remember. Though only one gets a public holiday, the other we have to make do with our own.)


Since I can’t even manage to sing Happy Birthday in tune, we can celebrate with Symphony of Science’s Greatest Show on Earth instead.


If you’re looking for ways to celebrate this weekend the Center of Inquiry has some fun ideas to play with.


Or if he’s one of those famous names you keep meaning to get around to reading (I’ve got a lot of those myself) Darwin online is digital source of most of his major writings and personal papers so they’ll be handy. Illustrations included, that’s always important. Many of these (not all the papers) are also available on Project Gutenberg. Thomas Henry Huxley, Darwin’s Bulldog (and I’m inclined to say a better writer) also has a fine showing there.


I also found out you can download origin of species as an audiobook for free from librivox! I wasn’t even aware there was a site for public domain audiobooks. Good times for car trips. Happy hunting!

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Last Minute February Show and Tell

Penny BangleI kept meaning to post these guys this month and kept not doing it. (Can I blame the lack of good lighting for photos? I had to use an old one for my bangle.)


The first is a President’s Day bangle bracelet I made awhile back when I was taking a jewelry making class and learning how to solder.


Being queen of trying to practice with cheap materials that might look interesting nevertheless, I decided to use pennies! Not the best idea, since solder stands out terribly against copper, and the little lines in the Lincoln Memorial I swear were designed to funnel solder out from where it was needed. Overall I think it turned out well, and it certainly gave me the soldering practice I needed. Darwin Pendant II


The other big February holiday (well, to me, since google never seems fit to do anything for it when they celebrate waaay more esoteric figures and their birthdays…) is Darwin Day. Charles Darwin was born the same day (February 12, 1809) as Abraham Lincoln. Darwin Pendant I


There’s this famous image from one of Darwin’s notebooks (B), a little scribble that has become somewhat iconic. It’s a quick doodle of the idea of a tree of life with “I think” written in the corner. I tried to work that image into miniature collages of vaguely contemporary patterns (William Morris designs, an English compass rose, etc.) that I’d saved from museum catalogs and the such. Then I sealed the collages behind glass and turned them into pendants.

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