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A short *wow*

I was rereading Theodore Gray’s The Elements. You don’t have to go very far to find amazing things. I was blown away all over again by the first paragraphs of the first element. Hydrogen.

“Stars shine because they are transmuting vast amounts of hydrogen into helium. Our sun alone consumes six hundred million tons of hydrogen per second, converting it into five hundred and ninety-six million tons of helium. Think about it: Six hundred million tons per second. Even at night.

And where does the other four million tons per second go? It’s converted to energy according to Einstein’s famous formula, E=mc2. About three-and-a-half-pounds-per-second’s worth finds its way to the earth, where it forms the light of the dawn rising, the warmth of a summer afternoon, and the red glow of a dying day.”

While we’re on the sun and universe and mindblowingly BIG numbers and spaces… I don’t know if you’ve seen this video yet: Why the sky is dark at night-it isn’t why you’d think…

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