tut-ausstellung_ffm_2012_47_28711781955729November 4th is sometimes considered the anniversary of the discovery of King Tut’s tomb.


Howard Carter’s began what he expected to be his last funded season excavating in the Vally of the Kings November 1rst. He started off by having his workers clear out the area where Rameses VI’s workmen had built their huts.


November 4th they found the rock cut steps that would lead to Tutankhamun’s tomb. They cleared out and found the door by the end of the 5th, but wouldn’t actually enter until his patron joined them some weeks later.

Interestingly enough, the tomb is still in the news. Earlier this year one group of scientists said they had used radar to pick up hidden chambers with organic and metallic material in them and spun that into the possibility of finding the hidden tomb of Queen Nefertiti.


Other experts looked over the evidence and disagreed that there were any signs of further chambers, pointing out that even if there were there was no way to tell the composition of matter.


A second group, sponsored by National Geographic, found no evidence for chambers either. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities seems to want to encourage the belief in these chambers, since the first group was encouraged to speak but the second has been prevented from releasing their report.


As the National Geographic article began, “Never underestimate the mysterious, unpredictable, and slightly insane power of Egyptology.”


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