A Riddle

A coworker the other day said something about having a riddle for her, which reminded me of the riddles I’d written as part of an assignment for my Tolkien and Lewis class ages ago.


So in honor of her and The Hobbit being in theaters, I thought I’d post one of them.


Relaxed, I am silent.
Calm, standing tall and straight.
Only in anger do I speak.
Temper bends me as
Reeds before a gale.
In peace, I say nothing.
In war, I smile as I sing.


What am I?



Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “A Riddle

  1. This isn’t one of those smutty ones, like the Anglo Saxon Riddles?

    • Nope, sorry. Strictly G. She didn’t tell us about those in class. Which is a bit of a pity, because then the fact that we spent other classes doodling them in our notes would have been even funnier.

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