Fibonacci and Spirals

Okay, now this is an *old* poem that I confessed I’d written after someone had asked me if I was familiar with the fibonacci sequence, since it related so well to the ammonites I like to work with. I mostly get the basics but can’t think of a concise way to sum up the importance of the sequence, so I’m cheating and linking to the wikipedia article and a really fun Khan academy video on doodling and spirals and Fibonacci, sorry.


Short explanation, we were given an assignment to write a math and/or science poem. So, being me, I couldn’t decide and did one on the sequence, trying to create an image of its visual impact in a poem where each line contains the number in syllables. (The other was about stamping on Newton’s grave.)


Fibonacci sequence





rose vines, tightening.

the snail in his spiral shelter.

seeds, corkscrewing, maximum life in minimum space.

magical, methodic, unwinding from the center; distance growing greater with every turn.

a silken snake, ready to strike; divine division, a treasure map of beauty’s proportions;

     logarithms trapped in the equiangular coils of nature.

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