A Study in Emerald

A quick conflation- emerald is May’s birthstone, and today is was the last episode of BBC’s Sherlock on PBS. Who knows how long until the next one. So I’m letting some fangirl out. (And going to go read The Adventure of the Empty House for meagre consolation.)

Neil Gaiman’s brilliant A Study in Emerald is a fun mix of Doyle‘s world and Lovecraft‘s mythos is available on his website. As a bonus this version looks like an old fashioned newspaper. Very fun!

A quirky collection of emerald Cthulhu and Sherlock themed crafts in honor of May’s birthstone and Gaiman’s story. (Yes, the comma was left out intentionally, they’re all emerald colored pieces!)



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2 responses to “A Study in Emerald

  1. Yes to emeralds and May/Taurus. I think I’ve learned more about rocks from you than I ever did from Geology! Is it true that emeralds are quite fragile (compared to diamonds and rubies) and will fracture easily?

    And thank you for the Neil Gaiman link, I’ll go see that at once!

    The BBC Sherlock we’re getting on Netflix, but, so far as I know, the second series isn’t up yet. And it’s amazing the boys find the time as they’re busy playing that other great literary couple, Bilbo and Smaug.

    • I believe that’s true. Diamonds are the hardest, and rubies are pretty sturdy too. I mentioned a little bit more about emeralds this time last year https://magpiesmiscellany.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/an-emerald-how-beautiful/ My favorite factoid is that in emeralds flaws are called jardin, for garden, since they look like leaves, and you don’t find flawless emeralds really. I think that’s another reason for the cracking, flaws are just that, flaws, places where the stone is under more stress and most likely to fracture.

      If you enjoy the story, the audiobook of it is great fun.

      I just hope they don’t ditch the bbc stuff as their careers skyrocket. I want more Sherlock! (Also, for Bennedict Cumberbatch to narrate more science shows, brain and ear candy in one happy place…) I am looking forward to the Hobbit even more, knowing they’re in it. And Sylvester McCoy. I saw him at dragon*con last August, he tells wonderful stories. He’s a hilariously off color little old man.

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