The Albatross

Another share a favorite poem and run night…


The Albatross

by Charles Baudelaire


Often, for pastime, mariners will ensnare

The albatross, that vast sea-bird who sweeps

On high companionable pinion where

Their vessel glides upon the bitter deeps.


Torn from his native space, this captive king

Flounders upon the deck in stricken pride,

And pitiably lets his great white wing

Drag like a heavy paddle at his side.


This rider of winds, how awkward he is, and weak !

How droll he seems, who lately was all grace !

A sailor pokes a pipestem into his beak;

Another, hobbling, mocks his trammeled pace


The Poet is like this monarch of the clouds,

Familiar of storms, of stars, and of all high things;

Exiled on earth amidst its hooting crowds,

He cannot walk, borne down by his giant wings.


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2 responses to “The Albatross

  1. Dammit, need that in French. A contender for Hubby’s Steampunk, Time-Travellers, Goth, Victorian, Vampire’s,Sherlock Study’s walls was Baudelaire’s Le Voyage. This might be a better candidate.

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