Points and Wire

I’ve mentioned the awesome Dusty before- she of the chrysocolla and ammolite gems and of the generally stunning wire wraps. (And square wire guru. It’s her influence that has me still trying to make my peace with square wire!)


She’s done some fantastic collaborations with a flintknapper on deviantart, Daniel Pierce.


Daniel is a Paiute & Shoshone tribal member from Big Pine California. He’s continuing the tradition of flintknapping, using both natural and cutting edge (sorry, unintentional but unrepentant pun) materials. His obsidian points are gorgeous–very sleek and tactile, and he’s done some fantastic work with glass and fiber optic materials too. (I’m partial to the purple!)


His work is an awesome mix of the traditional and the modern, and Dusty’s wrapping suits his work to the ground. (Or else his shaping suits her wrapping, they feed off of each other nicely.)


He’s an awesome guy we’ve both gotten friendly with and watched his artistry progress in what feels like an astonishingly short period of time. (His photography has really improved too…)


Last year he contacted a number of us and asked if we’d be interested in some of his pieces. He was cleaning out his collection as part of a fresh start and new styles. It was a fantastic chance for a lot of us to try working with a different type and shape of material.

He also seems to have some of the worst luck out there. He lost his home three weeks ago in a fire, pretty much everything was gone: personal items, supplies and the tools of his trade. He was debating giving up his art. (I think all of his admirers set his rear straight on that nonoption immediately.)

Dusty decided to sell the pieces she’s made using his work as part of a fundraiser to help him get back on his feet and get creating again. I thought it was a great idea and took out the blades I had yet to use. This one is a mix of my older style and a new ribboning effect, the other I’m still bickering with. Clicking on the images will bring you to the shops.


You can ogle his deviantart gallery for points and finished blades with handles, plus some step by step photographs of how he gets from chunk of obsidian to finished point. Which is amazing and requires patience I don’t think I can comprehend, since I get bored cleaning off fossils! There’s an interview with him on the Modern Flintknappers website.



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4 responses to “Points and Wire

  1. that is a killer piece. do you have a catalog?

  2. Of course, thanks for looking. And give crafting a try some rainy day, that’s how I give my mind a chance to travel when I can’t 😉

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