The Poetry of Reality

John D Boswell has a stunning project called Symphony of Science. It’s essentially electronic music (and videos) made from public lectures, interviews and talks by various scientists and science programs and celebrates the wonders of science. I’m not normally an electronica fan, but his pieces are probably the most played pieces on my ipod. (And are great for keeping me in a good mood while driving during rush hour.)

Still in keeping with the poetry month theme, one of my favorites is called The Poetry of Reality. (Although We Are All Connected has remixes of Richard Feynman on bongos, which alone fills the awesomeness quota.) I copied the lyrics and added links so you can check out any names that don’t look familiar!

The Poetry of Reality (I was trying to embed it, but for some reason wordpress is giving me a great deal of grief and won’t let me add video right now, sorry! I’ll be glad of any tips on fixing the issue.)


[Michael Shermer]

Science is the best tool ever devised

For understanding how the world works

[Jacob Bronowski]

Science is a very human form of knowledge

We are always at the brink of the known

[Carl Sagan]

Science is a collaborative enterprise

Spanning the generations

We remember those who prepared the way

Seeing for them also

[Neil deGrasse Tyson]

If you’re scientifically literate,

The world looks very different to you

And that understanding empowers you


[Richard Dawkins]

There’s real poetry in the real world

Science is the poetry of reality


We can do science

And with it, we can improve our lives

[Jill Tarter]

The story of humans is the story of ideas

That shine light into dark corners

[Lawrence Krauss]

Scientists love mysteries

They love not knowing

[Richard Feynman]

I don’t feel frightened by not knowing things

I think it’s much more interesting

[Brian Greene]

There’s a larger universal reality

of which we are all a part

[Stephen Hawking]

The further we probe into the universe

The more remarkable are the discoveries we make

[Carolyn Porco]

The quest for the truth, in and of itself,

Is a story that’s filled with insights



From our lonely point in the cosmos

We have through the power of thought

Been able to peer back to a brief moment

After the beginning of the universe

[PZ Myers]

I think that science changes the way your mind works

To think a little more deeply about things


Science replaces private prejudice

With publicly verifiable evidence



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One response to “The Poetry of Reality

  1. There’s a larger universal reality

    of which we are all a part

    [Stephen Hawking]
    I am with him 🙂

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