National Poetry Month

Happy April, the cruelest month of diamonds and poetry. (And showers too, though we’ve yet to get any…)

Another villanelle of mine had made the rounds on dA, so it seemed that I might as well continue to be brave and post some things here for national poetry month.


Life is a masquerade.
You’re only safe when in disguise.
Remove your mask and be betrayed.

There’s every reason to be afraid—
A stranger’s frozen face, flashing eyes,
Life is a perilous masquerade.

A look sharp as a tempered blade.
Honeyed words—do not listen to their lies.
If you remove your mask you’ll be betrayed.

Dance, smile, and nod; a silent shade,
Hide deep your heart and beware of spies.
Life is a dance, a whirling masquerade.

Difficulty comes with your temper frayed—
Take courage, and let no one hear your cries.
Dare you remove your mask, risk being betrayed?

Discover who you are, before you fade.
But keep part of yourself secret, if you are wise.
Life is nothing but an unending masquerade
Remove your mask and be betrayed.

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