An impression of Impressionism?

I got a lovely surprise this winter in the form of a package with a large slab of chrysocolla from Dusty, an amazing wire worker. (You’ve seen her coral and geode pieces on here before.) The colors in it reminded me of some of Monet’s large and more abstract water lily paintings at Musee de l’Orangerie  (take the interactive tour) so I wanted this to be a nod to those. The lily pad is part of the frame, I made that part first then guestimated around it. The stem came out a bit short, something I’ll keep in mind for next time. I used silver, gold and brass coated copper to try to catch the opulence and depth of an old frame.

What’s really odd is that from a distance the colors blend into a really proper gold color, and the bronze lily pad didn’t stand out enough but didn’t match either, so I tried to wrap it to blend in a bit more. And added a dragonfly charm with sheer pale green nail polish spangled wings. I’d gladly take any tips/ideas for balancing the size/shape/way to enhance the water lily effect!

What’s kind of funny to me is that so much of Impressionism is in capturing light using adjacent colors, and that’s what I had so much trouble with in this piece.

I made color samples by wrapping the colors of fine wire I was contemplating using around thicker wire to try to get a feel for how they would look as a frame. It helped me rule out some combinations, but didn’t really prepare me for the final effect.

I’m still trying to figure out light and color I guess.


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3 responses to “An impression of Impressionism?

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  2. This is gorgeous! Reminds me of Lalique.

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