Belated Happy Bastille Day

Sorry, dropped the ball there, missed Bastille Day. It’s a French national holiday that celebrates the storming of the Bastille prison, and in that symbol, the end of absolute monarchy in France. It’s celebrated, and sometimes simply called, 14 July.

Citroen 2cv 'duck'

I was at a Citroen car show once and there was a stream of 2cvs that all had Marseillaise car horns that they honked while entering. Cutest parade ever. Great show, stumbled on it, so sadly no pictures or videos of all the cute little ducks lined up pulling in. (Here are someone else’s photos of that same show, yay internet! There was one where the owner had painted the entire tale of Le Petit Prince on one side in French and the other side in English. With a picture of the Little Prince on the back.) Of course, I also liked the Citroen Traction Avants, especially the British made ones with wooden accents and trafficators. Old cars are just cuter!

Citroen TA


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